Late binding of object references

Jul 30, 2010 at 1:26 PM

In my particular situation,  there are several developers who may be working against the same overall solution using totally separate PWAs. Consequently all the GUIDs for the projects and all the resouces are different; so binding to resources at compile is not of much use. These FluentPS API would work well for  projects on one server on one instance of a PWA.

If there were a set of builder routines that would permit the customproperties and lookups to be created with well known GUIDs, such as does the feature infrastructure of WSS, it would provide some relief. Know that the UIDs for the customproperties, lookup tables and lookuptable values would not change between installations would go a long way towards solving this problem..  For the time being,  I'm goning to have to rely on by-name associations rather than the GUID based approach provided by FluentPS.